The Main Reasons For A Lack In Business Growth In The Digital World

The Main Reasons For A Lack In Business Growth In The Digital World

If your business isn’t performing as desired, or you just aren’t reaching your target sales, then you need to think about landing pages. These underappreciated site elements can often be a prime component of your sales growth – but many businesses treat them like an afterthought.
For example, Marketing Sherpa’s Landing Page Handbook indicated that just around half of the landing pages are mobile-optimized, and only around 30% of businesses use A/B testing in order to improve their conversion rates. This demonstrates that landing pages properly optimised for SEO is uncommon.

What Are Landing Pages?

The first step to creating an SEO and conversion-focused landing page for your business is to making sure that your content clearly conveys the page’s objective. You can make your own landing page by using Shopify, Wix & Squarespace
Basically, landing pages function as an entry point for those coming from outside a website. They can visit directly from search engine results, mobile apps, email marketing or AdWord. In all cases, the aim of the page is to persuade visitors to convert.
This isn’t the same thing as a fully-featured home page. Landing pages are focused on specific funnels and target those who come to the site via particular sources (Like from Adword, Email, Youtube and other Search Engines). They aren’t designed to distract users or offer multiple options. They intend to channel users towards a specific outcome.

Are Landing Pages Good for SEO?

Landing pages aren’t typically used to boost search engine rankings no matter you made it with shopify, wix, squarespace or on wordpress yet they should be enhanced for SEO. On their own merits, landing pages can have SEO benefits. For example, landing pages should be totally optimised to promote strong user experience.
So, what should we keep in mind before making a landing page?

1. Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines that Work

Keeping headlines brief and to the point is essential with attention, but they also need enough content to explain to users what the landing page is about. For that, you need to research about your business. Understand audience behaviour.
However there is one rule for the landing page, the headers on an SEO-optimised landing page should include information about the offer involved (CTA), explaining very clearly why users should click through to the next stage of the business funnel.

2. Keyword Research for Landing Page

Since Google launched its Hummingbird algorithm in 2013, their search engine is now operating largely on the basis of semantic search. When constructing content for landing pages, don’t skip on keyword research. Content should be straightforward and easy to understand, but it also needs to be informative, relevant, and tightly focused on correctly targeted keywords.

3. Make Sure Your Call To Action Should Simple As Possible

Don’t make users jump through multiple hoops to download your white paper or order a brochure, or even just contact you. Place the relevant fields or call to action buttons at centre stage or top or according to your content structured, where they are the most easily visible and accessible (both for laptop and mobile users).

4. Visuals Matter

The content on your landing page must be to the point, highlighting your unique value proposition but, of course, not empty of content. You can use videos if necessary but attractive graphics and photos tend to work better.
Don’t create a “loud” landing page that contains so many blinking, flashing, twirling. Just use it to enhance the elements that matter: the text and the conversion button or text field.
Remember These Points To Help You Understand Your Campaign Goals And Increase Your Conversion Rates.
It’s important to get Lead-generation landing pages right, as this is a valuable asset to your business. More than a tool to attract & convert visitors, landing pages provide valuable insight on who your potential customers are as well how you can reach them. They provide opportunities to expand your business to other services, and last but not least an easy and cost-efficient way to test if your product or service has a good market-fit.
However, if you are unsure of how to create and use landing pages, don’t worry.
We are here for you; we understand the type and quantity of landing pages to use depending on your needs. We understand your business requirements and how we can improve your numbers with content that optimises both SEO and conversions.
Get in touch with the Visual Legion team, and we’ll come up with a comprehensive landing pages strategy which will allow you to show off your products or services and get more sales from online channels.

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